All-time teams 1900-1999 vs. 2000-2022+

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Re: All-time teams 1900-1999 vs. 2000-2022+

Post by Pacobag » April 1st, 2022, 7:30 pm

In addition to a great game near the basket and really good passing out of the post, Tai had toughness and played really physical. I give him the edge over Harris because of that, but Nate was great too.

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Re: All-time teams 1900-1999 vs. 2000-2022+

Post by Jjoey52 » April 1st, 2022, 9:34 pm

I notice Jalen Moore didn’t get much love. He was a great player saddled with a poor coach and no other dominant players.

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Re: All-time teams 1900-1999 vs. 2000-2022+

Post by zendayasanchez06 » April 11th, 2022, 9:02 pm

That’s hard for me to say as Greg is my all-time favorite Aggie and his 8-0 against BYU says everything.

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Re: All-time teams 1900-1999 vs. 2000-2022+

Post by LoveMyAggies » April 22nd, 2022, 9:12 am

Any takers on creating a list of their bench from each era? (Ie you’re scholly list 6-13)

Would you select a different coaching staff?

And who would be your top walk-on player from each era?
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Re: All-time teams 1900-1999 vs. 2000-2022+

Post by » April 28th, 2022, 3:34 pm

1970, Ron Hatch and Ed Epps.

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Re: All-time teams 1900-1999 vs. 2000-2022+

Post by rAggie » May 1st, 2022, 2:57 pm

Troy Rolle not mentioned in this thread. He was great.

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Re: All-time teams 1900-1999 vs. 2000-2022+

Post by AggiesForever » May 10th, 2022, 5:29 pm

This is my all-time 13-man team:

Cornell Green
Marv Roberts
Shaler Halimon
Nate Williams
Wayne Estes
Sam Merrill
Troy Collier
Bert Cook
Max Perry
Jaycee Carroll
Brian Jackson
Greg Grant
Rich Haws

I was hard pressed to find a way to put Jeff O. Anderson on this team. Nobody scored more points per minute played than Jeff. I never understood why he wasn't a starter for Rod Tueller, except I think Rod felt like he needed the offense off the bench.

If you focus on points scored in two-year careers, to level the playing field, Halimon and Estes are by far the most impactful. Halimon averaged 25.1 points and 10.2 rebounds per game in the two years he played at USU-- very few have come close to those numbers in two season except for Estes, Collier and Williams. In fact the top 11 players in points per game are all 3- season (freshman ineligible) or two season junior college transfer players, except for Carroll and Grant. The longer a player played, the more "watered down" their totals become it seems. But check out this list of predominately 3- and 2-year players.

Rank Seasons PPG
1 Wayne Estes 1963-65 26.7
2 Shaler Halimon 1967-68 25.2
3 Marvin Roberts 1969-71 23.6
4 Cornell Green 1960-62 22.5
5 Bob Ipsen 1958-59 20.0
6 Troy Collier 1963-64 19.8
7 Nate Williams 1970-71 19.6
8 Jaycee Carroll 2005-08 18.8
9 Greg Grant 1983-86 18.5

10 Vince Washington 1984-85 18.1
11 Ed Gregg 1975-76 18.0

We tend to view "greatest" through the lens of the era that we saw the games played. There are many great players who have donned the togs of Utah State University. I've been fortunate to see so many play in my 55 years of watching Aggie basketball.
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Re: All-time teams 1900-1999 vs. 2000-2022+

Post by troutputz » June 22nd, 2022, 12:11 am

Seldom seen Smith is right, there is no better than the 5 of:

Cornell Green
Marv Roberts
Nate Williams
Shaler Halimon
I saw every one of these players play, I even remember a game or two when Max Perry played. Max was a dead eye from 30 feet!
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