A new realistic goal for the conference

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A new realistic goal for the conference

Post by GameFAQSAggie » January 4th, 2022, 3:20 pm

Get the regular season in with everyone facing each other once. There is no way everyone, if anyone, will be able to get in all 18 games, even though that could be more possible if the conference would just pair up healthy teams to get games knocked out and free up nights for makeup games. That, and the games scheduled for Wednesdays making it harder to squeeze in makeup games between scheduled games than if the conference would just schedule games on Thursdays making it palatable to makeup the games on Tuesday.

If all 11 teams are going to get in all 18 games, we are looking at forcing teams to play on back to back nights, so we can hope the teams that do have to play on back to back nights at least get to play at home both nights, or play on the same court both nights, or some of the games being moved to neutral courts, rather it's another conference team's home courts, or junior college courts or high schools or other available courts in the area of where a team already is, like the San Diego area the night before or after we play there, as opposed to asking Boise to bus down to Logan the day of their game against us after playing at home the night before.

And finally, we should feel fortunate if the San Jose and Boise games get made up at all, and are in the Spectrum instead of a neutral court, even if we have to play on Sundays in front of the few fans casual enough about the dominant faith to give in and go to a Sunday game. We are bound ourselves to not get through the season without games being postponed cause of us, or even worse, be forced to withdraw when it matters the most, the conference tournament.