A snow storm keeps me off the links

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A snow storm keeps me off the links

Post by BobWilson » April 13th, 2021, 10:17 am

So a few words about USU BB. Sorry to see Smith leave but it is now clear that he was here only to get to the next level as he supposes and not for the long haul. I liked Smith's enthusiasm but am impressed with Odom's demeanor and believe he may actually be the better coach. Time will tell.

I wish more athletes could become a more integral part of the university, its academic programs and culture rather than tied simply to the coach. For example, Sam was going to play for USU regardless of the coach but, on the other hand, we now see players loyal to Smith but not USU. It's all part of the professionalism of college athletics.

However, I don't think loss of the transfers is going to hurt us for more than a few games. Looking at the sweet 16 games, I didn't see a team for which any of our players, other than Queta, could start for. All but one of our players would, at best, be reserves on those teams. so if our goal is to be a top 25 team we need better players and I believe that Odom will find and get those players at the end of the current dead period.

Sorry to report that all my bad golfing habits came through the winter unscathed.
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