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In hindsight, maybe agreeing to a move to Nampa

Posted: February 20th, 2021, 10:12 am
by GameFAQSAggie
would not have been such a bad idea after all. I can't imagine them getting hot and hitting all those contested shots, at least not at the rate of 74 percent, in that arena, or anywhere BUT where they practice and are familiar with.

For one thing, this isn't football where you just beat someone physically no matter where you play at, but basketball where there is skill involved in putting the ball in the basket, and doing it in where you practice every day is much different that doing it at unfamiliar place however close to home it is. I sort of question why they even WANTED to move the game to Nampa as there was more potential for them to get hot shooting like they did both nights at their home court. Even the fans VS. No fans thing, you could maybe make a case for the potential for helping the defense, but I don't think their hot shooting had anything to do with 900 fans VS. No fans.

Also, another valid point is that they had the chance to have Nampa be their home court for the entire season. Of course, maybe they would have had the familiarity with that place and hot shooting nights against us after playing there all season, but then again, even if that was the site of all their games, they wouldn't be able to have all the practices there and the same familiarity as Extra Mile.