Thompkins/Heninger at Buccaneers Rookie Mini-Camp

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Thompkins/Heninger at Buccaneers Rookie Mini-Camp

Post by FloridaAggie13 » May 14th, 2022, 2:16 pm

I'm not an NFL fan anymore. Other than the Conference Championships and a compelling SB matchup, I haven't watched a full game in several years. Further, I was never a Buccaneers fan despite living here for close to thirty years. As much as I liked Tony Dungy, John Lynch and Derrick Brooks, Warren Sapp would come along and ruin it for everyone. However, I've remained a staunch fan of college football.

That said, I'm following DT and Heninger's progress at Buccaneers rookie minicamp this week.

Day one summary:

- The two rookie QB's brought in for tryouts are atrocious. According to the insider at "Pewter Report", passes are late, overthrown, underthrown and inaccurate, putting a lot of pressure on the receivers.

- Of the three WR's in minicamp, so far DT and Jerreth Sterns, Western Kentucky, who caught 150 passes last year, have impressed.

- "Joe Bucs Fan", another insider who also gets radio time during the season, along with the guys from "Pewter Report", said DT hauled in a long pass in stride, over the shoulder, beating the corner.

- Nothing regarding Heninger, but they weren't really doing any full contact along the lines of scrimmage on Day One.

Side note: Derrick Brooks' son is in camp for a tryout. Derrick Brooks is one of the best LB's in history and helped change the defensive game from the lumbering ILB to someone who runs a 4.5 covering a TE for fifty yards downfield and then filling the hole stopping the run on the next play. About twelve or thirteen years ago we ran into Derrick and his boys at a Subway Sandwiches in Tampa. Just my family and his on a Saturday afternoon. While waiting in line to place their order, his sons were doing exactly what my daughters did at that age. Playing with the rope, laying on the ground, rolling around, bugging each other. Derrick pleaded with them to get off the floor and looked at me sheepishly, like, "...what am I supposed to do...?" I just gave him a "...we've all been there..." smile. I think it is funny that one of those boys is now trying out for the Buccaneers.

Side note #2: Out of respect for his family time, I did not ask for an autograph or even acknowledge I knew who he was. Though, he was known to be very friendly to fans.
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Re: Thompkins/Heninger at Buccaneers Rookie Mini-Camp

Post by usubobcat » May 14th, 2022, 2:22 pm

Thanks for providing this update, FloridaAggie13. I hope you'll continue!
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