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Another guy we got better by benching

Posted: November 28th, 2020, 5:04 pm
by GameFAQSAggie
Besides us getting better by getting rid of Shelley, another guy we got better by benching was Corner Zahodri Jackson, the guy who would keep getting burned by Boise State and Nevada, and would just stand there watching the guy walk in and go to the sideline smiling. He was amongst the leading tacklers in those games which is not what you don't want a DB to be. Then had no stats the last few games likely cause he was benched.

I'm not saying the other guys would have shut down Romeo Doubs, but you would have at least seen more effort, and maybe at least making they tackle so they instead score 2 or 3 plays later instead of that play, and determination to not let it happen again. Zahodri is another guy I will not be surprised to see leave, but would admire him at least giving it the season in contrast to the other guys. But will also be happier if he for us can either turn out to be a good 4th or 5th or 6th DB and special teamer for us or a good regular player after getting better coaching. You have to think he would not have lasted long with his attitude under GA 1.0.

Some of you would rip Nevin Lawson apart for getting pass interference penalties, but GA 1.0 was able to live with an occasional pass interference penalty cause it meant he was aggressive.