A Great thing this season didn't stay cancelled.

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A Great thing this season didn't stay cancelled.

Post by GameFAQSAggie » November 26th, 2020, 11:48 pm

There were some people that thought after the first couple losses that we would within a few weeks by wishing this season stayed cancelled. But I think now we can say it's a good thing the season didn't stay cancelled.

I said even before the win tonight that it was good thing as it was better for the mistake we made of GA 2.0 and to be exploited so we would cut ties in what is a throwaway year, as opposed to waiting until we are playing a full season next year, and as well as the mistake of Shelley which almost certainly came with GA 2.0. But now, with the feeling of a win, it's good to have this just once even if we lose the last two cause Air Force and CSU are not New Mexico, like we wouldn't have if the season stayed cancelled. And with the young talent we have on defense, it's a good thing they are playing as opposed to how rusty they would be in 2021 after not playing real games this year.

Now we hopefully can get something figured out with the strength coach and the lack of conditioning that seems to be a problem there, along with it carrying over to basketball with Sean Bairstow not gaining weight like he should.