Going Forward

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Going Forward

Post by AggieUprising50 » October 25th, 2020, 1:31 pm

Last night was rough, but we can’t let it ruin our season. Here’s what I think we can build off of and what we can improve.

1. We have a power run game. Great! Use it and build around it. Add some jet sweeps to it, use some play action. Make teams stack the box.

2. I think we’re all disappointed we traded Colombi for Kent Meyers 2.0, but there’s nothing we can do about it now. If Shelly is going to be our guy going forward we NEED to utilize his athleticism. We have Peasley behind him and legas after that in case JS gets hurt. We have to use him in designed run plays. Plain and simple.

3. Having players return should help. Especially with depth.

4. O-line needs to give JS more time. This is why Jordan Love struggled last year. If a first round NFL talent had a hard time with the protection, we can’t expect Jason Shelly to succeed either. Last year they had the excuse of being young, this year they need to step up. I think they’re up to the challenge, but we’ll see.

5. We need to improve tackling. All we need to do this is have our players focus on wrapping up rather than just trying to rock the guy. Too many times did I see our guys go for the glory hit and miss rather than ensure the tackle.

I still think we have a good shot at going 6-2. Are there places we need to improve? Yes, but overall I’m still optimistic. :utah: :state:
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