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Post by Aggie84025 » October 24th, 2020, 9:24 pm

-Warren was impressive between the tackles. We should not be running him on the outside as he does not have the speed.
-Receivers were not good tonight especially in the first half. They got zero separation. 2nd half thought they played better. Made some decent catches in the 2nd half. McGriff I think will be a solid player. Need to get Thompkins the ball more in space.
-O-line could have played better, but thought were decent.
-QB play was not good. Shelley looked like someone who have not played QB in a long time in the first half. He played better in the 2nd half, but am not sure how it will turn out.
-I thought the play calling was really poor and there was 0 creativeness. We controlled the 2nd half for the most part especially the 3rd quarter, but we are going to need to add in some creative play calling. Would like to see more mis-direction, jet sweeps etc.
-Need to get the tight ends involved. Be nice to get Terrel back.
-Was glad to see the fight in the 2nd half and not laying down.

-Thought the tackling was really poor at times, especially in the secondary. Thought some of the players gave up on plays in the back end. Our angles that we took to the ball were not great at times.
-Thought the line played decent. To me our run game seems a little improved over last year.
-I was expecting more pressure than what we saw tonight. It seemed like we did not blitz very often and most of the time up the middle, would have like to see some pressure from the out side.
-Thought the secondary played ok other than the blow coverage on the 1 long pass play.

Punting was really poor tonight. Could not flip the field very well and we were lucky to kick it ~35 yards per kick.

I did like the fight in the 2nd half which was improvement over some of the blow out games last year. This was not a moral victory, but that will be the best team we play this year. I expect to see some improvement next week. It is sure we need to get stronger overall, but especially in the trenches.