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Post by AGinNEIowa » November 4th, 2010, 8:24 pm

GRIDIRON PICK'EM will be run here in the QUAD. There are 4 versions of the game: Kick-Off Competition, Weekly, WTHCG, and Bowl Games

The Kick-Off Competition consists of 75 games to be picked in the preseason.

Weekly Pick'em will start with the first full week of games. This will be 15 games per week for all weeks of the season, including Conference Championship weekend (if there are enough games that matter that week). I will try to post each week's games on Sunday, and usually do not include weeknight games. I will do a Thursday or Friday game on occasion (only big games), and I'll try to post those weeks early.

Everyone's low score will be eliminated from the standings after about the 11th week. This will allow one "bonehead" week, where you forget to post by the deadline.

WTHCG (Who The HELL Cares Game), but it will not be a part of the 15 weekly counting games, so you can either pick it, or don't.

Bowl Games will be independent of the weekly picks for the final standings. They are just what it would seem, all 34 bowls - or how ever many there will be this year...

1- AGinNEIowa has final say as to whether your picks are on time and who you picked.

2- Post your picks in a clear manner, so there is no question as to who your choice is (If I have USU v NMSU, don't say Aggies) - If you are leaving the matchup as I entered it and bolding/highlighting/coloring your picks, please do the full name of your pick, not just a few letters.

3- Kickoff Competition picks are due before kickoff of first game

4- Weekly Games will be posted in the Quad, I will link the thread in the Football Forum and pin the link at the top of the forum until Friday.

5- Your weekly picks are due before 1st kickoff of the day (if there's a Thurs/Fri game, and you post picks late Friday you will qualify for all Saturday games).

6- In the Weekly competition, I will eliminate a low week for final standings

7- Bowl picks are due before the kickoff of the first Bowl

8- Tiebreakers will be determined by Absolute Value between actual value and predicted value

9- Any questions, see Rule #1 (I will post a PM if something doesn't seem clear to me)

WHO THE HELL CARES GAME (WTHCG) is a contest in itself, it doesn't count against the regular weekly standings. I try to pick a game of little-to-no consequence to anyone of USU or WAC heritage, often perusing the lower divisions (I-FCS, II and III) schedules for ranked matchups.

For the weekly competition, I try to pick 15 games which provide these priorities -
1- WAC games or Aggies opponents
2- even matchups
3- nationally ranked teams
4- PAC 10 (more regional to you westerners)
5- Big 10-12
6- Big Rivalries
7- sometimes I'll throw in an odd-ball, of interest game early in the season when top teams are playing pansies and there are lots of FCS @ FBS games (Appalachian St @ ECU).

2020 PICK'EM GOOGLE Docs -
BOWLS (pick entry)

WEEK 15 (results)