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2020 WEEKLY PICK'EM - (Friday 9/11 Deadline)

Posted: September 2nd, 2020, 6:49 pm
by AGinNEIowa
2020 Pick'Em - like everything else this year - is going to be different.

KICKOFF and WTHCG will be on Hiatus in 2020.

WEEKLY PICK'EM - I'm skipping Labor Day weekend games - so week 1 will be the week of 9/11-9/12

Usually Weekly Pick'em includes 15 games for 15 weeks. This year, it will be 10 games for as many weeks as we can go. (If B1G, MWC and P12 go live later in the year in go into January, we'll continue getting 10 games per week). I'll do my best to select games that shouldn't be blowouts - but we will see what we get.

Each week is open to anyone who's interested, entry can be made through GOOGLE DOCS (link will be provided each week) or you may reply to the weekly thread in The Quad Forum with your pick for who will win each game - straight-up winner, no spreads involved. The weekly thread will not include a list of the games, but you can reply there with your winners for the entry.

Without Further Ado! Here is the GOOGLE DOCS for WEEK 1