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AFB Madness Second Round

Posted: April 12th, 2020, 7:58 am
by GameFAQSAggie
Well, the First Round is complete and we are into the Second Round. It featured what alot of first rounds feature in a 12 beating a 5 in Curtis's touchdown against Oregon beating Repp's touchdown against Boise State, and all the top four seeds predictably advanced but there was one 15 with a brief lead over a 2 in Bright's touchdown against Air Force having a brief 3-2 lead over Will Davis's streak ending interception, before that pulled away and won 11-5. The closest 3-14 battle was the 79 yard touchdown against BYU edging Loves first half against New Mexico 10-7, and the closest 4-13 battle was Gage Ferguson's pick six against Michigan State edging the hit on Eric Drage 7-5. There were two battles that went down the very end and came down to the tiebreaker of my vote being thrown out. They both involved the game I was at that for me, ending a 20 game road losing streak, the game at San Jose State.

We are now at the point where the battles will start to get tougher for the top seeds, and there will be more loving both plays but having to decide between 1.

Re: AFB Madness Second Round

Posted: April 12th, 2020, 8:07 am
by GameFAQSAggie
Here is who we have left in the second round.

Romney Regional

1. 2014, Darell Garretson touchdown pass to Hunter Sharp that put us up 28-14 against BYU, along with the duo torching them throughout the night. Defeats 8 Morrison to Turbin touchdown 19-1
2. 2012, The Blocked punt touchdown against Utah. Defeats 10 Drive putting us up 31-3 over BYU 17-3
3. 2002, Chris Stallworth hail mary catch against New Mexico. Defeats 6 Scarver KR Touchdowns 12-8
4. 1991, The Game winning field goal as time expired against ranked Fresno State which gave us our first win over a ranked opponent and what was our only one for a long time.
5. 2011, Chuckie Keeton’s performance as a true freshman in his first start at Auburn. Defeats 4 Game winning field goal in 1991
6. 2019, Savon Scarver’s Kick Return Touchdowns against CSU and Nevada. Based on them being similarly key momentum points early in the game, I decided to combine those into one spot.
8. 2011, Stanley Morrison to Robert Turbin touchdown pass on last play of third quarter against Nevada.
10. 2010, The drive to score that put us up 31-3 over BYU.

Merlin Olsen Regional

1. 2015, Marwin Evans 90 yard interception return touchdown against Boise State at end of half that put us up 45-10.
2. 2000, Emmitt White with NCAA record 578 all-purpose yards against New Mexico State Defeats 7 Turbin 96 yard run against Utah 16-3
3. 2018, Tipa Galeai interception return touchdown to put us up 7-0 against BYU.
4. 2018, Gage Ferguson Interception return touchdown against Michigan State.
5. 2012, Kerwynn Williams 3 touchdowns in the fourth quarter of Potato Bowl against Toledo. Defeats 4 Ferguson Interception return touchdown against Michigan State 15-4
7. 2009, Robert Turbin 96 yard run against Utah
8. 2019, Dominik Eberle game winning field goal against Fresno State. Defeats 1 Marwin Evans 90 yard int TD against Boise State 11-8
11. 2012, The stop in overtime to beat Louisiana Tech and win the last WAC Championship. Defeats 3 Tipa Galeai interception return touchdown against BYU 15-5

Scotsman Regional

1. 2017, Jalen Davis Two Interception return touchdowns along with a Third interception against BYU. Defeats 9 Kerwynn Williams long screen on first play 12-2
2. 2014, Zach Vigil tackling Air Force quarterback and running back on same play. Defeats 7 Andrew Rodriguez punt return touchdown 15-3
3. 1997, Matt Sauk Game winning touchdown against Utah.
4. 2011, Stanley Morrison converting TWO fake punts and also catching a touchdown between two defenders against Hawaii. Defeats 12 Curtis Touchdown against Oregon 11-3
6. 2009, Bobby Wagner one handed interception against Louisiana Tech. Defeats 4 Matt Sauk winning touchdown 10-9
7. 2015, Andew Rodriguez punt return touchdown to save us against Southern Utah
9. 2012, Kerwynn Williams long screen for touchdown on first play against Louisiana Tech and New Mexico State.
12. 2001, Kevin Curtis touchdown against Oregon to start the game putting us up 7-0 and electrifying the crowd.

Big Blue Regional

1. 2012, Chuckie Keeton scramble on third down in overtime against Utah setting up the touchdown. Defeats 9 Turbin 80 yard run at BYU 17-1
2. 2012, Will Davis endzone interception ending La Tech’s Colby Cameron streak of attempts without an interception at 445, along with Doughty having an interception in the endzone. Defeats 7 Siaosi Mariner toe tap touchdown 12-3
3. 2010, Xavier Martin 79 yard touchdown against BYU to put us up 7-0 and set the tone of the game. Defeats 6 Kevin Curtis coming out party 11-6
4. 2014, Nick Vigil surprised everyone by playing running back, leading in tackles and rushing yards against BYU.
5. 2011, The scoring drive at the end against Hawaii. I will throw in stopping their desperation lateral play which we waited until after to celebrate. Defeats 4 Vigil playing both ways 10-8
6. 2001, Kevin Curtis coming out party on opening day against Utah.
7. 2019, Siaosi Mariner toe top touchdown against Wake Forest.
9. 2011, Robert Turbin 80 yard run on first play at BYU.

Re: AFB Madness Second Round

Posted: April 12th, 2020, 8:08 am
by GameFAQSAggie
Also, even though I have listed them in remaining seed order, I will not be reseeding them for each round and will instead follow the traditional bracket format.

Re: AFB Madness Second Round

Posted: April 18th, 2020, 1:22 pm
by GameFAQSAggie
Here's another look at where the second round sits more than halfway through.